Nigerian Canadian Muslim Association

Ansar-Ul-Islam Mosque | 190 Milvan Drive, North York ON. Canada.

Sunday Asalatu program is ALIVE!!! Join us at 190 Milvan Drive at 1:00 PM every Sunday

Masjid Location

190 Milvan Drive,Unit # 7
Toronto Ontario M9L 1Z9
☎ : (647) 776 3104

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N.C.M.A Constitution

The organization is guided by a written constitution and you can find a copy of this document by clicking on the following link ☛ N.C.M.A Constitution

The main goal of the N.C.M.A is to serve the best interest of Muslims according to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him) and to render all the decisions of the Association, Board of Directors and Executive Council in accordance with the traditions and principles of Islamic belief.


To preach, promote and advance the spiritual teaching of Islamic faith by practicing the religious rites, tenets and doctrines of Islam. Towards achieving these objectives, the N.C.M.A shall;
Maintain Missions and Missionaries to propagate the Islamic faith;
Buy, sell, build, own, and let properties in furtherance of the aims and objectives of the Association;
Have the power to accept donations, gifts, legacies and bequests from individuals, groups, governments and the general public;
Support charitable and humanitarian causes;
Not to affiliate with, support or denounce any political organization(s) in Canada, Nigeria or elsewhere.
To do every lawful thing that is incidental to the attainment of the above Aims and Objectives.


Executive shall decide at its meeting after due deliberations on the form of assistance, that is, monetary or otherwise, and the amount to be given out and how to raise the finances for such project. The projects shall include but not limited to the following;

Provide general counseling functions in matters including, but not limited to, family, marriage, financial and employment matters.
Render assistance to Muslims and Newcomers to enable them settle down and integrate more quickly into the Canadian way of life through support counseling and referral services.
Provide skill acquisition training programs for newcomers to prepare them for the job market, as well as self employment preparation and access to micro-finance facilities.
Provide financial assistance/aid to immigrants and newcomers towards surviving the temporary moments of adversity and life’s hardships which they may initially face.
Provide Islamic training programs that would help mobilize Muslims and convince non-Muslims of the beauty of the Islamic religion and tenets.
Reduce social isolation by creating opportunities through Islamic teachings, for community involvement, interaction and serve as platform of good networking.
Provide services to Muslims and new immigrants aimed at improving their self-esteem through direct community involvement, outreach, networking, symposia and other organized forums.
Provide moral and financial support to the family of the deceased, who can either be a member or non-member.
The policy makers at NCMA realize that many Muslims are unaware of the basics of Islam and therefore do not have the knowledge to practice their faith. Consequently, the power and confidence that comes from prayer and the remembrance of Allah is absent in their lives. Peace and serenity that is the promise of Allah to those who worship Him is unattainable, and stress, conflict, confusion, alcoholism, drug abuse and suicides become the alternatives.

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